Creating a business online has never been easier. With a laptop, access to helpful information and a limited budget, you can launch your own business today. Find out how in this post.


What You Need to Start a Profitable Online Business

Let’s be honest, the internet has made it easy for you and I to make money. Anyone with good internet connection and a functioning laptop can earn money from home. The rapid evolution of the internet has given birth to a new form of entrepreneurship. For the first time in many years, anyone from anywhere can start a business online and be successful.


Just look at successful entrepreneurs like Mark Cuban and Elon Musk. These people started their grind with online businesses. It’s amazing to think how an online business launched these men into billionaire-dom, 


Can you do the same: sure, why not? It’s easy to create an online business. With a market depth of 2.5 billion internet users, an online business only seems logical at this point. But don’t dream too far too soon; the ease of entrepreneurship has turned this particular industry into a mindless gold rush. Everyday, new gurus and experts emerge with courses that show how they made “6 figures in one year”.


With retargeting functions, it’s hard to not see these overhyped ads that tell too little and show nothing. Choosing what expert to learn from can be daunting. Believe me; you don’t want to be caught in our generation’s informational stampede. The internet is big enough to accommodate new ideas; in fact it thrives on this. Here are 5 simple steps to help you start an online business in your own rights and on your own terms.

  1. Start Already!

Online business creation starts with a niche but doesn’t stop there. Sure, choosing a profitable niche is paramount to your business success, however, it isn’t everything. You must first of all understand the purpose of your business; who it caters to; and how its value will be delivered.

To achieve this, you need to spend more time focusing on your business process. This means taking what you learnt from a few experts and creating your own unique plan. 


Experts in business creation are good at what they do, but most are niche-specific.They can only give you a proper plan, but only you can execute it. So, stop fishing around the internet for information on how to start an online business and just start one already! If you’ve learnt a couple things from just one expert, you already know enough to get your business started.


It all begins with a website; make one with Wix.

  1. Get Seen and Heard

This is where many businesses fall off. Most first time entrepreneurs spend lots of money and effort building beautiful functional websites and never really make plans to build an audience.

What they fail to understand is that you cannot make money without a steady stream of website visitors. So how do you build an audience quickly?

  • Write everywhere. Don’t overlook content marketing; it’s still the best way to pull interested persons to your business. You can write on sites like Medium, Reddit, LinkedIn, etc.
  • Guest post. There are blogs which exists primarily for guest bloggers. Guest posting on various blogs is an effective way to drive traffic to your website.
  • Answer questions on Quora and Yahoo Answers. The more upvote you get on Quora, the more interest you’ll generate from solution seekers.
  • Get recognised by reputable sites like Entrepreneur, Business Insider and Huffington post.
  1. Develop a Sales Funnel

Every business needs a ‘money plan’, online businesses even more. After you’ve managed to get some exposure on the internet, the next thing to do is facilitate your sales funnel. You can’t have a sales funnel without quality content. It’s sad to know that, many entrepreneurs fail to attach a ‘promotion schedule’ to every single blogpost they publish.

I’m not saying you should be overly ‘salesy’, but if you’re releasing quality content on a regular, there should be a sales funnel running behind the scenes. In other words, you need a CTA in every blogpost. Develop a couple sales funnel routes, watch which one performs best and upscale.

  1. Rinse and Repeat

Marketing experts, like me, are pretty good at giving you a sales funnel to work with. They do not however guarantee the success of that sales funnel. So, what do you do? You go ahead with the plan and watch what works. If you surf the internet, you’ll find lots of exciting marketing strategies. The only way to know if a strategy works is to try them out.


First things first, test your marketing strategy. Your business is new, you’re allowed to experiment. Try offering different products and services, giving various offers, and launching sales every now and then. The moment one of these strategies work, run them more often. Afterwards, streamline the process and make changes to parts of the sales funnel that aren’t working.

  1. Relaunch and Upscale

If you do everything right up till this point, you should have an email list. Having a number of people regularly view your content is the best foundation for business growth. With a growing email list, you can launch and promote new innovative products or services. You should make promotions consistent by launching weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.


Your product/service launch should be good enough to return revenue. After achieving a steady flow of income, it then becomes a matter of what to reinvest in and how to upscale.




Creating and growing an online business is no walk in the park. You’ve got serious competition for the same products and services you offer. Branding can only take you so far and even that takes a lot of time and focus. You must be mentally ready for the pitfalls of online business creation.


It’s hard; it’s difficult and you may fail. But the freedom a successful online business gives is unimaginable. You don’t have to do it alone. Get yourself a mentor.


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