Why You Need Consultation and Coaching

It’s not uncommon for new entrepreneurs to overthink easy business processes. By reading this article, you’ll realise the many benefits of having a coach or at least a consultant by your side.


Coaching and Consultation | Why You Need It

Chances are if you’re reading this, you haven’t considered hiring a “business coach” or, even a “mentor”. The two titles mean different things (a distinction that will be analysed later), with both offering plenty merits. Unfortunately, many people associate the idea of a business coach or mentor as something that is expensive. In most cases, this isn’t very true. There are many experts on the internet who offer very affordable coaching services.


Fee aside, a coaching relationship is something you cannot afford to do without.


Think about it, regardless of small business emerge (either as a one-man business or a group of freelancers), they always have a similar startup story; motivated by an idea and driven by vision. Should you work tirelessly to the point of exhaustion, you can get your business up and running. But to take it to the next level; this is where you need coaching—and you need it fast!


Every business starts from an idea, but without a ‘behind-the-scenes-presence’ instilling confidence and advice, they may tail off. Coaches and mentors are necessary; you need them, a lot.


Are Business Coaches and Business Mentors the Same?


Before we talk about why you should hire a business coach (me, specifically), we must differentiate the term ‘coach’ and ‘mentor’. Although both can be huge assets to any small business, they do, however, perform different tasks.


Business Mentors are in it for the long-haul. Mentors love to forge relationships and rarely charge a fee. Mentors often share a connection with the mentee and are overly concerned with the success of the business. A mentor’s role is to assess the viability of your goals and help you handle the challenges of running a small business.


Their words of wisdom and advice rub off on you with time. Regrettably for you and I, the age of mentorship has long passed. Only a few successful businessmen take time off to mentor others. Not to despair, mentors still exist and they can be found online. I know a couple of good mentors and follow them by my heart.


Here are success mentors you should consider in 2020:

Mentors are great but they aren’t substitute business coaches—the latter does so much more.


Business coaches, on the other hand, take a hands-on approach to mentorship. They help entrepreneurs achieve specific business tasks and objectives. For example, a business coach could manage software integration for your business or even connect you with a network of marketers. Business coaches are people with relevant experience in certain industries. They often charge significant fees for their services, the first of which is consultation.


Good business coaches do justify their fees by proffering solutions to business problems that they have solved in the past. Their prior knowledge of establishing and setting up a business can help you avoid common mistakes committed by new entrepreneurs.


Like content marketing strategies, business coaches are a must-have. Newcomers cringe at the sight of coaching prices and try to solve problems all on their own. The result: they give up. Don’t try to do it all on your own; it’s madness.


You need a business coach by your side, guiding you through complex business processes. Here’s why they carry so much importance for small business owners.


How Does a Business Coach Help Your Business?


As a budding entrepreneur, you started your business with a specific goal in mind. After setting it up however, you found yourself drifting off from being a specialist to a generalist. Now you’ve got to handle every aspect of your business like marketing, content creation, graphic designs and everything else. Let’s assume you manage to get all this up and running with your large skill set, you cannot keep a handle on things for long.


At some point, you’ll come across challenges too complex for your level of experience. You can either choose to go it alone (and spend precious time making mistakes) or you can hire a business coach to bail you out of problems in record time.

Here’s what a business coach can do for you:

  1. Goal Setting, Strategy and Planning

As a new entrepreneur, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the mechanics of things. First, you have to find relevant information about certain business processes like marketing and customer retention. The problem is, you could come across conflicting opinions that can totally throw you off course.


A coach can change all that. A coach should intervene.


A coach’s job is to solidify your goals by breaking them down into achievable milestones. In addition, a coach becomes that trustworthy person you share your strategies with; someone who knows the pitfalls or potentials of your particular niche. Having a coach’s insight is an invaluable asset. It is a coach’s job to motivate you and push you harder on your course for business success.


Get a coach today.

  1. Technology Integration

The major reason small businesses stay competitive is technology. In fact, more than ever, technology is playing a huge role in helping small business grow. For example, technology accelerates communication with employees and customers from all over the world. It also automates business processes; reduces project execution time; and improves business performance.


Analytic tools and DIY website builders are example of such technology that gives small businesses a competitive edge. Coaches have the skill and experience to successfully integrate new technology into your business. They also suggest the best technological options for your particular business setup. 

  1. Alleviate Management Problems

As businesses expand, bigger problems arise which need acute solutions. In the event that your business grows and needs expansion, your role in management starts to get complex. Coaches are very good at helping entrepreneurs improve their management and leadership skills. A coach can better prepare for management storms that lay ahead. They can also help you solve difficult problems on hand.

  1. Marketing Strategy

For a business to be successful there must be a solid marketing strategy in place. As a new entrepreneur, you can get confused by the different approaches to efficient marketing. In the early stages of your small business, you cannot escape the headaches of marketing. The weight it puts on your shoulder can be somewhat overwhelming.


Coaches offer a fresh pair of eyes on your marketing strategy. They don’t assume, they work according to facts; according to what works and doesn’t. The very best coaches have experience with branding as well as marketing strategies that can seamlessly drive in traffic, generate leads and increase your sales. With a coach, you never have to waste time testing marketing strategies that don’t work.

  1. Business Expansion

Regardless of where your business is at now, you have a pretty clear idea of where you’re headed. Sooner or later, you’re going to need to expand (or fall off). A coach’s job is to identify areas of your business that need improvement for expansion. Without a coach, it’s easy to lose track of your goal. In fact, having someone you’re accountable to may just be the deciding factor for expansion.


A coach can be your accountability partner, someone who checks your lapses and encourages you to push pass your challenges.




You may be at a point where you’re ‘learning while doing’; taking the trial and error approach to your business. This is great; we learn from our mistakes. But the truth is, you really don’t have to go it alone. There really isn’t that much time or money to invest in processes that ‘might’ work. The metrics change every year; you need an expert to audit your business plans and strategies today.


Take note however, coaching is a give-and-take situation. You can’t expect the insight you get to work wonders without you putting in the required effort. Because at the end, you still have to run your business yourself and are responsible for the decisions you make.


Granted, not all coaches out there are worth the fee. This is why I’m giving you the chance to vet my skills now. Sign up now for a free consultation or get a unique business idea today and let me blow your mind with ideas, plans and strategies that you never imagined existed.

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