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Digital Marketing| How to Own It

Digital marketing has evolved immensely over the years. A decade ago, website owners depended on content and SEO to make a dent in the internet world. Online advertising was quite specific then; not anymore. Today, digital marketers have a lot more to be aware of. The internet now has more moving parts than it did a decade ago.


That makes the art of online marketing a little harder—a lot harder actually. To succeed as an enterprise-level digital marketer, you have to understand how these internet marketing components interact and you should be able to make them work. Otherwise, you and your business will just be another statistic.


You don’t want that—you really don’t. This is why I’ve compiled a list of things to be aware of should you want to be a successful digital marketer.

  1. Get Heavily Involved with Analytics

In the world of digital marketing, ‘data’ is arguably the most important thing to have at the back of your mind. Truth is, getting data is easy; the real problem is in how you use data and what you use data for. By so saying, to be a successful digital marketer, you need to become a data analyst.


All set; not really. You see; the internet changes so rapidly that data never really stays the same. Every year, some prior known statistic shows a decline or increase. Because of this, many marketers buckle at the idea of data analysis. But if you can navigate through data efficiently, then its analysis can definitely propel your business.


If you can’t handle data analysis for your business, then at least create a strategy. When you do that, you can work with a digital marketing analyst (call me) who can get your plans off paper and into reality.

  1. Dive Headlong into Paid Advertising

A couple years back, having high volumes of likes, follows and comments was the go-to approach to online advertising. Well, that noise has somewhat ebbed out; and it’s all because of paid advertising. Platforms like Facebook were the first to realise the power of paid ads. Today, platforms like these simply compile data of targeted audiences and sell to businesses that use the information to generate leads.


What am I really saying?


Paid advertising has made everything a lot easier—you can now reach your targeted customers in next to no time. Facebook leads in that prospect due to their innovative focused targeting system. To get ahead of the competition with paid ads, I recommend you do the following:

  • Research targeting and audience customisation.
  • Take a lunge into Facebook insights
  • Learn how visuals can improve sponsored content.

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  1. Invest in Email Marketing

Take nothing away from social media; it is the best place to build brand awareness and drive customer engagement. But nothing compares to the potential of email marketing which lets you amass committed customers with the right email system. Email marketing has grown into a great marketing tool that delivers leads and sales, if done right.


To get the most out of email marketing, you should understand key factors like niche targeting and list segmentation. Other things you should learn are the metrics behind bounce, open and click-through rates. These factors are the foundation that email marketing is built on. You can either be the expert or hire an expert; either way, it’s an investment that could take you a long way.


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  1. Use Visual Marketing (Please)

Plenty studies continue to show people’s inclination to visual content. This includes images, videos, infographics and even animated gifs. By simply placing visuals within blogs or social media content, you can easily grab people’s attention.

Where to begin: Powerpoint is all you’ll ever need.


According to Kissmetrics, content with related images receive 94% more views than bland text content. Brush up on your visual marketing skills or hire an expert.

  1. Build on Content Marketing

You’re going to hear this everywhere: ‘Content is the foundation of all marketing.” It’s a given; content is basically why we have search engines. With quality content, you can deliver value to your audience. Nothing guarantees lead generation, customer engagement and internet visibility like content marketing. You need to focus your attention n content fast!


Good content isn’t always an easy thing to produce. Even if you manage to spin out dozens upon dozens of good content, there is no guarantee that it’ll get seen. To create great content which engages people, here are a couple things you need to know first:

  • How to plan a hierarchal content marketing strategy
  • How to create relatable content
  • How to promote content
  • How to tailor content to your targeted audience.

If you can nail all these tips down, you’re on your way to content marketing mastery.

  1. Work with New Technology

With the ever increasing capacity of the internet, new technologies continue to emerge which enable digital marketers get ahead of the competition. To be fair, some of these technologies, like apps and software offer very similar features. Notwithstanding, a few provide innovative features that just might make a difference in your business.


Good digital marketers know how to incorporate new technology into their workspace which can help improve their marketing reach. Let’s have a look at some of the most popular digital tools on the internet today:

  • Google Analytics (duh)
  • HubSpot
  • SproutSocial
  • Aweber
  • Buffer, etc.

Knowing these tools and how to use them will make you a better digital marketer. Think of them as assets in this great online business you’re building. Read more about them here…

  1. Choose a Social Media Marketing Strategy (and stick to it)

Social media continues to connect billions of people around the world. It’s so immense, social media; that every year, new social networks keep being created. (Just look at Tik-Tok!) To be a successful marketer, you first need to understand how different social networks operate before choosing some for your business.


After narrowing down to a select group of social networks, you then have to figure out what tactics to employ; which platform your targeted audience spend most of their time; and what content type best encourages their engagement.


If it’s your business, you only need to focus on a couple of social networks. If you’re marketing for others, you’ll need some experience with many different social networks. The more you immerse yourself in the social media world, the more you understand and can accomplish for your business or your clients.


As a rule of thumb: knowing your targeted audience and how to engage them precedes choosing a social media platform.




Digital marketing is an experience. You need to get involved with it constantly to understand how it works.  Becoming a successful digital marketer takes time and effort. To avoid the pitfalls many experts had to endure during their early days, take up a course or coaching. It goes a long way in preparing you for the competitive world of digital marketing.


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