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Lots of online businesses don’t get leads or generate revenue. With my tailor-made marketing strategy, your business could be a lucrative oil rig in the vast ocean of the internet. Sign up for a free call today to know what I can do for you.

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Services relevant for online business creation and monetisation

Consultation & Coaching

Want more insight on the world of marketing? Or you just want some advice from the pro, schedule a call or skype session today.

Business Creation

Want to start a profitable online business and you’ve got limited budget and zero time, I can help you get your brand started.

Digital Marketing

Want more traffic, more conversions and weekly sales, click here. I’ll transform your email list into a sales funnel.

Content Creation

Want to fill up your website with unique content from articles to infographics to videos, then line up here.

Social Media Management

Don’t have the time to post content on your social media accounts, hire me to be your social media manager.


Want to launch an ebook, short story, or novel, I can help you write, proofread, format and publish them.

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theGodPhil is a platform created to help low-income earners achieve their passive income dreams. Read here to learn how I managed to create, grow and expand my online business so fast, on my own.


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