About Me

My name is Godwin Phil. I basically live for writing but I never ignore the marketing side of things. To know more about me, check out my LinkedIn; better yet, call me.

My Mission

My goal is to help you succeed in your search of financial freedom by offering you words of advice; a foundation or framework to build on.

Main Services

  • Coaching
  • Online Business Creation
  • Digital Marketing

Frequently asked questions

I built this website on my own, created all content without assistance and setup a sales funnel behind the scenes which you are now a part of. What do you think?

Above all else, I’m a fantastic writer. I enjoy writing works of fiction and articles of any topics. Still, I’m a pretty impressive front-end developer as well as a budding email marketer. Years of writing content has exposed me to every possible trade secret behind passive income.

It is true I offer a lot of services. The idea behind this is to outsource work to professional freelancers who do a great job. My extensive knowledge in all aspects of online business creation allows me to coordinate projects efficiently. Your business is in safe hands.

I offer a free call session to people ready to make passive income from their skills or business. After this call, you will receive a well designed business plan that fits your goals. Yes, it’s free for the first time, why not phone in today?

Chances are if you follow up with my tailor-made business plans, read my free ebook and subscribe to my blog, you’ll be able to create your own internet space. However, you don’t want to do this alone. Having someone to guide you along the process will help you a lot.

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