Reasons Why You Should Publish a Book

The modern-day business is becoming more ‘individual’ as the years pass. Authorship helps you stand out from the competition. Here’s how.


Why You Need to Publish as an Entrepreneur

I could give you a ton of reasons why you should publish a book—and I mean ‘self-publish’. Forget traditional publishers, they can’t help you. Chances are if you go the right route, you can sell more copies than you would with any traditional publishers. Don’t panic, I’ll tell you how… in time.


But first know this, if you, an entrepreneur, publish a book, you will be regarded as an expert in your chosen field. Not only will a self-published book make you some money, it will also upset your competitors and make you stand out in a room of ‘self-pronounced’ experts.


There are two major reasons why any entrepreneur will choose to publish a book: for sales and for awareness. If you’re a new entrepreneur with no pull in your industry, the latter reason should be why you publish. Regardless, if you do decide to write a book and sell it, rather than give it away for free, you’ll do better for yourself. Here’s why…


Why You Should Self-Publish


Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying traditional publishers are all that bad. But they do suck, and it has nothing to do with them. It’s just the business. Here are some valid reasons why you should self-publish your book and not with a traditional publisher.

  • No More Diminishing Advances: Remember when I said traditional publishers are wack, but not on purpose. Well, diminishing advances is a strong reason why. You see, book publishers are often bombarded with numerous book suggestions from plenty booksellers. And because they decline so many, the writers have to take a hit. You see, the internet has too much valuable information available for free. This has led to increased scrutiny in new content. Unless you’re a name-brand author, you probably won’t get an advance from a traditional publisher.
  • No Lag in Publishing Time: When you self-publish, you’re in charge of editing, marketing and distribution. With Amazon, you can have your paperback or kindle book up for sale in no time. With traditional publishers, your book has to run through a tedious process such as the proposal, agent agreements, editing and proofreading, packaging, cataloguing, etc. This process definitely guarantees you get your book published two years later. Can’t wait that long, should you?
  • Zero Marketing Troubles: “My book will get more exposure if it gets approved by a traditional publisher!” Not true, by a mile. Think about it, if publishers promise to advertise your book, why do they often ask for your writing background and platform size? It’s because they want to know how they can leverage your own marketing efforts for your own book (madness). Unless you’re Stephen King, you’ll be responsible for your own marketing. But if you self-publish, you can advertise your own book without some publisher eating your royalties. Speaking of which…
  • Bigger Royalties: If you’re lucky, you could earn 15% royalty with a reputable traditional publisher. Quite insane if you think about the 70% plus royalties you could earn selling your self-published book through Amazon.
  • More Control over Content and Packaging: A traditional publisher will not only cut out a lot of juicy content from your book, they will suggest design ideas that you ‘should not’ refuse. Some publishers go as far as including a clause in the contract which gives them full control over the cover of your book. As an entrepreneur, you need to be ahead of your stuff. Self-publish buddy. 

Why You Should Publish at All


The internet is saturated with many entrepreneurs claiming to be experts in their field. Your potential clientele is currently undecided about which expert to work with. How do you stand out in your field; well, by publishing a book. Here are reasons why you should publish a book at all:

  1. Helps You Start a Business

Do you currently harbour dreams of starting your own business someday? Do you want to own a business that revolves around your hobby, passion or expertise? Then you definitely need to write a book. Writing and publishing a book is the best way to transition out of a day job and into the realm of entrepreneurship. It is simply the best way to prepare for the start of your business. And hey, if your book is good enough and well promoted, it could make you some money.

  1. Gives You Career Prestige

Publishing a book is a great prestige. Not many people can turn up to an event and say “I wrote a book.” It instantly sets you apart from the crowd and puts you in a rare category of people who actually finished and published a book. I mean, who can resist the pull of authorship—no one.

Especially on the internet where people claim to be gurus, the title of ‘author’ can set you apart from your competitors. If you’re trying to get awareness for your business, write a book about something you’re passionate about and give it out for free. If people like what they read, they will keep on recommending. In the near future, this could make you a renowned author.

  1. Pulls in New Customers

Social media marketing is great and all, but nothing beats the engagement you get from a published book. If you sell certain products or services, attaching a book to them can really propel new launches. As a new entrepreneur selling a competitive product or service, a book can attract and keep customers who are intrigued by what you offer.

Successive book launches only increases the number of customers you get. All the more reason why you should hire a book expert to ease your book publication.




Want to start an online business; you need to publish a book on a topic relevant to your niche. The moment your book attracts customers, it will open the way to more leads and sales. Chances are if someone reads and enjoys your book the first time, they will be willing to pay for subsequent releases.


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