The Story Behind Thegodphil

I present to you every single resource that contributed to my success as a prolific writer, digital marketer and business consultant. It’s all here!


Resources Needed to Succeed as an Entrepreneur

Barely a young adult, I joined the internet money world in 2013. This was, by far, the most defining moment of my life. As a kid living in Africa, I was faced with daily mounting financial problems. Those who live in third-world countries know how hard it is to save money; it’s difficult. If you live in countries considered ‘world power’, you should be grateful that you have a system that works. You get paid by the hour and can project savings based on that.


We don’t have that here in Africa. At age 13, I was good with computers and considered by my peers as ‘talented’. This was evident when I joined Wattpad in 2012; my first ever story ranked top 100. I wrote that story on a mobile Java phone. In 2013, I joined Fiverr with said java phone. I made $100 in under a month, which is pretty impressive when you think about how new the Fiverr platform was at the time. With the money I earned from Fiverr, I bought my first laptop and further launched my first website in 2017… it failed, because I did it alone without first consulting the experts.


If you’re at this same stage, understand that you don’t have to do it alone. Call me today to get some useful advice.


The Foundations of Thegodphil


I’m thankful to God that I’m a really, really good writer. Being a writer has exposed me to many different angles to the internet money world. This is why I offer very specific services, all of which are relevant to one cause: being a successful online entrepreneur. These services are:

  • Business Creation
  • Social Media Management
  • Digital Marketing
  • Content Creation
  • Consultation and Coaching
  • Publication

This is all you need to establish a strong online business. But the information on the internet can be overwhelming; this is why you should call me for some solid advice. Won’t call; download my free e-book then.


Want to do it on your own, great! At least let me show you how.


The Recommended Stuff I Promised

I’m not going to mince words—you’re going to glance through this anyways. Here are all the resources you’ll need to make your own high-traffic internet space. There are affiliate links on this article; I may earn a commission… You know the rodeo.


People, this is a straightforward ‘how to get stuff done by yourself’ guide. To get more insight on this article, read my free ebook hand in hand.

  1. Starting an Online Business

Don’t spend all your money on building a website. You can get your blog, portfolio (any light-weight website) set up by installing WordPress.


The WordPress route:

  • Use quality WordPress themes like Thrive Themes. Get premium, it’ll save you from headaches.
  • Get good affordable hosting: I use Super affordable and fast servers. I use them and love them.
  • Don’t forget to add an SSL certificate. It makes your site look authentic.

The 5 minute website setup routeWix and Squarespace allow you launch beautiful websites pretty quickly, for a monthly subscription. Think of them as Netflix for websites.


Ecommerce: nothing beats Shopify. It’s the most preferred ecommerce platform for a reason. Don’t forget to add some form of chatbot like to automate sales. Need a solid dropshipping platform with high returns, join Spocket.


You can also hire professionals on Fiverr. And if you like the feel of my website, hire me.


Want to be a professional web developer: Subscribe to Colt Steele’s Web development bootcamp. This guy made me understand code in 1 month. Watch the preview of the course to get convinced.

  1. Creating and Monitoring Content

Next, after fixing up your website, you need to fill it up with content. A website without content is like NASA without the moon landing—irrelevant. That being said, you need to determine what form of content you’re comfortable putting out.

I’m a writer. I love to write and can easily churn out 5000 words a day—yes, a day! You might not be as prolific, but if you are, I advise you to run most of your content on external blogging platforms. Why, because a new website cannot rank on search engines just yet. SEO takes time to implement. Learn more about SEO in this article; note the emphasis on ‘voice search optimisation’; it’s the future.


To get assured traffic for your content, choose Medium.


Video content marketing is no longer the future, it is the now. Tik tok’s recent rise to social media stardom strengthens this claim. Read this video marketing article if you want a hands-on grip on this thing. Want to make videos now, try out Toonly. They let you make lots of innovative videos for a monthly subscription (kind of like the Netflix for videos creation).

If you’re considering a copywriting course, take one that revolves around social media marketing. A new business needs social media awareness.


Affordable copywriting services: none other than me. Find me on Fiverr. I prefer project-based jobs though.

You’re not going to get this many internet secrets elsewhere. Keep reading; I’m not done.

  1. Marketing Your Business Online

Ignore the rigmarole of self-proclaimed internet gurus. All digital marketing schemes revolve around one thing: emails! You see, emails are personal—they hang in people’s devices’ notification panel like sticky notes. If you can convince a couple people to ‘submit’ their emails to you, then you’re game.

Allow me break the marketing process all down:


Getting the Word Out: Social media is everything. If you’re just starting out a business, which you probably are, you need to open an account on all major platforms. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Reddit, Quora, Medium, TikTok are platforms you should get your business on. Start by uploading quality content and repost across all platforms (in a unique way).

Paid Ads are the fastest way to get the word out. With as little as $5, you can run a facebook ad.


Getting Email Signups: Okay, really, how do you get email subscribers? The fastest way to get email subscribers is to head over to Udimi; you can buy 100 clicks for about $40-$50. Unlike facebook ads where you set tasking ad preferences, Udimi lets you buy solo ads from people who have ‘your customers’ on their email list. You can direct people interested in your product or service directly to your landing page. No time wasted.


To get a handle on email marketing (and how to expand an email list), buy this Udemy course. This course opened my eyes. With time, I’m sure you’ll see the endless possibilities of email marketing.


Can’t afford solo ads, then you should definitely optimise your website for email gleaning. First, you need a landing page and an autoresponder. My free ebook covers all the basics of email marketing.

Two ways to get new visitors to submit their emails:

  • Put a clear ‘email signup’ call to action at the top of every webpage.
  • Add an ‘exit email pop-up’ on your most important website pages. Email platforms like Getresponse and Mailchimp have this feature.

Grooming New Email Subscribers: Too many new entrepreneurs sell their product/service without grooming customers first. No one is going to buy what you’re selling if you cannot establish trust. How do you do that with your new email subscribers? You offer them:

  • Free valuable information
  • Free info that is valuable
  • Information that is free and valuable
  • Promotions
  • Coupons

Free information is where affiliate marketing comes in. I have a saying and it might flop; “Sell everything”. Yes, you can sell free information with affiliate marketing. Here’s how:


Earning Passively with Affiliate Marketing: As a new entrepreneur, your products or services are relatively a hit or miss. If there’s anything I learnt from my Accounting major, it’s that you should always be pessimistic about your numbers.

Your product or service may not sell… initially. That doesn’t mean you can’t fall back on affiliate marketing. This is the reason for my emphasis on ‘free information’. If you’re selling a particular product/service, you have to show your expertise as a solution provider by creating content on the solution.


For instance: if you’re a digital marketer selling digital services; tell your subscribers how to market their ideas.  If you sell gym supplements; show your subscribers how to build muscles from home. Afterwards, refer them to products or services that are relevant to the information, and watch the commissions roll in.


I’m an affiliate marketer, and I refer you to arguably the best person in the business: Neil Patel. You also cannot go wrong with Affilorama for affiliate marketing resources.

  1. Use Publishing Tools (Graphics)

I cannot overemphasize this, people: USE PUBLISHING TOOLS. These tools are what make websites unique. I mean, if you took away all the graphics from the internet, all we would see are overused website templates. So, to avoid that, like I did, I used some very professional publishing tools.


Canva is my preferred publishing tool, especially for low-budget entrepreneurs. You can do a lot with the free plan, and a whole lot more with the premium plan.


Use Unsplash for free HD images to gloss up your sites and use Pexels for free videos.


Want to be a publishing guru with branding experience; Powerpoint may be the only tool you’ll ever need. Powerpoint is so ‘slept on’ as a graphic design tool, it’s ridiculous. Watch this video to see how easy it is to use Powerpoint to design, literally, anything. 


These are basically all you’ll ever need to create mind-blowing online businesses like QuickSprout. Remember, passive income is the goal. But without suitable active income, you may end up frustrated. If you have a day job that gets you good earnings, that’s good. You can generate capital for ads and other stuff.


Reach out to me today to see how I can better channel your efforts to focus on the right things. Making Internet Money has never been better with my Money Making Monday initiative. Register here.


However, if you’re as dedicated to this internet money thing like I am, allow me to show you how to go full freelance mode.


Making Active Income with Minimal Stress


I’m about to show to you what skills you should learn, where to learn them and how to sell them. Passive income stems from active income. If you’re an aspiring freelancer like I was 10 years ago, then this has got to be the article to read.

Okay, let’s begin. Google, what are the most in-demand skills in 2020?




I’ll show you where to learn these real quick and how to sell them. However, I can only coach you one skill. And it’s the most important skill you’ll ever need to succeed as an entrepreneur. Copywriting.

You need this. This is a 2 min. read.


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